Friday, October 28, 2011

Unbelievable Generosity

Unbelievable Generosity took place at Scenic Bay Marina in Bayview, Idaho yesterday. Hearing that Michael Heath had no place to sleep or park his old motor home, Chan Karupiah, owner of Scenic Bay Marina and RV park, donated an RV space next to his mother's trailer for the off season to Heath.

Many of you remember Yvonne Wallis and her trials after the dastardly hammer attack last December, But Heath lost more. His wife was killed in the attack. Yvonne, still awaiting yet more surgeries to her head, has only Michael as her care giver. He cooks for her, cleans house, does her laundry, takes her to doctor appointments and much more. With Yvonne's mobile home having only one bedroom, Michael has parked his motor home on an old forest service road for the summer.

Chan is to be congratulated for his generous nature. Many things he does for others fly under the radar, as he never publicizes his acts of kindness. Chan also assisted in covering some of the expenses of our last trip to the Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

Heath will only have to pay for power he uses.


David Gullidge said...

Good to hear some nice things about people. We all need to concentrate on the best in people and not the worst.

Anonymous said...

well said.

Bay Views said...

There have been a rash of negative comments that tend to make me believe that you are using another identity that misrepresents who you are. If you wish to call me and reaffirm that you are "H" and it's believable, I will publish it, but I only publish personal attacks if the name is used. Throwing rocks from beind a bush is cowardly and I never accept those kinds of things. What it looks like to me is that you are trying to make it look like Hans N with your remarks. I don't think he would do that. Positively identify yourself or stuff it.

H (not Hans) said...

P.S. Some of us have more to lose than u think if we use our real identity. P. S. Why do you have an anonymous entry if you only want names? I see many people on here who just use an initial, clever name, or first name?

Bay Views said...

First, the categories are set up by I allow anonymous comments when they are not attacks of a personal nature. I do not run this blog so people can take anonymous shots at those they have a beef with. This was an October post. This is December.Get over it.