Friday, July 22, 2011

History Repeats Itself

A few years ago, the cafe north of Careywood, known as, "Stop & Eat, " burned to the ground. Sited just 100 feet or so from the Careywood Fire Station, part of the Sagle Fire District, there was no water available at the station to fight a fire with. Firefighters chopped through the ice at Cocolalla Creek to access water.

Last Tuesday afternoon, the nine year career of Sue Bourguignon, know by all as Sue B for obvious reasons and her friend and partner, Judy, came to a fiery end as a propane heater fell over while Judy was dozing, causing the van she was in to catch fire. She got out without injury, but the van along with a pickup truck was destroyed. The Jerky stand was rescued by a passerby disconnecting it from the burning pickup truck.

Lost was a substantial amount of cash, Judy's purse and other valuables. No assistance was received from the unmanned fire station. One wonders that if structures , etc. can burn with impunity within sight of the station, what luck would folks have when further away?

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