Sunday, July 03, 2011

Bayview Fireworks Show

A rousing cheer went up all over Scenic Bay as echos of the Grand Finale ended the 25minute show. Sponsored by MacDonald's Resort with help from local citizens and visitors, it was a tremendous success as always. It doesn't seem that a little village like Bayview could put together a show any better, yet every year exceeds the last. As quiet sank over the darkened sky, boats which had surrounded the barge,(at a safe distance) began to scatter as if fleeing from danger. Cars, choking the local streets as they always do, began to disperse as well. One more in the books. With the parade scheduled for Saturday and fireworks on Sunday, it appeared that dividing the crowd may have had an unintended benefit. Crowds that appeared for the parade dispersed, and came back together for the Sunday night spectacular. This spread out the action for local businesses, rather than flooding them for one day. Better service was experienced as well without the five deep lineups at local bars. Many visitors that have attended the Coeur d'Alene shows indicated thy liked ours better, and when leaving town do not experience the hour long traffic jam that occurs down town Coeur d'Alene. Tomorrow winds down festivities here as just the street fair remains until about 2:00pm Monday. All restaurants will be open through Monday night, as weary employees crash. Local businesses wish to thank the visiting people for their interest and support. Bayview has been but a shadow of it's former self during this long Great Recession. Now all venues are back in business. Neither the Buttonhook, Floating Patio or Captain's Wheel were really ready to open, but open they did. Please excuse the shortages and in some cases lack of help. The will get organized given a little more time. Please come back in the coming weeks while we still have Summer.

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