Thursday, June 30, 2011

Buttonhook/Floating Patio Open

Today, the Buttonhook opens for business at 4:00 pm, with lunch served starting at 11:00 am on the week-end.

The floating Patio will also open around noon with limited items available. We aren't really ready, but hey, it's Bayview Daze. Please have Patience as we solve the start up challenges, but be sure to tell us if any thing makes you unhappy so that the oops can be quickly corrected.

The phone for the 'Hook is 683-2011 with a phone to be hooked up at the patio sometime today. Cash machines are available in both locations, or will be sometime today.

There is new management at both the Buttonhook and Floating Patio. It's a hectic opening, but Bayview Daze couldn't be put off Previously, the Patio and 'Hook were under different management, which wasn't satisfactory for either. An out of town operator at the Hook decided to hang it up. (pun intended) The phone at the Buttonhook hjas changed to 683-2011. The Patio phone will not be installed until Friday.


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Got Beer?

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