Friday, June 03, 2011

Summer ... Maybe?

At long last, I feel compelled to declare Winter over. With tomato weather showing up this week-end,perhaps we can finally put away the coats and long sleeved shirts we have been wearing. The doldrums were especially severe yesterday. For some reason, dark skies and rain have a negative effect on my morale. But hey, today is another day.

With sunny skies and 80 degree temps predicted for the next three days, parking once again will be at a premium, as boaters park their 1 ton pickups with 30 foot trailers in front of Bayview businesses. Why the road district doesn't mark parking as one or two hour maximum, I can't say, but it sure isn't business friendly.

For the moment, it appears that the gradual warming and low night temperatures have modified flood dangers on Lake Pend Oreille, but don't count on that. The high country snow hasn't yet began to melt and we won't be safe from flooding until at least June 15 and perhaps a little longer. One warm "pineapple express," sent to us by Hawaii could change all of that in a hurry.

We are still waiting for the two larger restaurants in Bayview to open. Liquor licence delays are the culprits in both the Captain's Wheel and Buttonhook. The sign out front of the 'Wheel sez opening will occur June 17. No word on the 'Hook as of yet.

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