Thursday, June 23, 2011

Flash Dope On The New Openings

At long last, the Captain's Wheel will open, Saturday, June 25. Some new people and some familiar ones will be there to serve you. I am confident that this new crew and the management behind them are the real deal. Make them welcome.

The Buttonhook and the Patio will open the following weekend under a special license only good for the holiday weekend. Following that, both will remain open with BYOB in place until a liquor license is in place. The bring your own drinks will include beer, wine and hard liquor. The law allows this but doesn't allow employees to touch the containers.There will be a nominal fee for set-ups.

I will be working days at the Patio and am ready to welcome all of the dock people back. We will have burgers and a few other snacks as well as, (blush) Herb's famous potato salad. Come on down. We will be getting a gas delivery soon, so we can fuel boats as well.

Help will be needed for the Patio, so if you are a friendly experienced bartender or waitress, call me at 683-9107.


Anonymous said...

Out of curiousty who is going to be running the Hook this year?


Bay Views said...

The 'Hook and patio will be run by Henry Dean, Who ran the ElPatio out at state line for a while now. Great folks and down to earth as well. I will be working down at the patio and yes, Herb's potato salad will return as well. More in the next two or three days.