Saturday, June 11, 2011

When ?

Today marked a busy day at the Captain's Wheel as workers scurried everywhere on a mission. It turns out the new owner, Pat McIntyre decided to pretty much remodel the entire building. This is taking longer than he would like, but instead of June 17 opening, it has been moved to sometime during the following week of the 20th. Hang in there, folks.

Regarding the Buttonhook, it is looking grimmer as no ETA has been available for the liquor licence to be expected. Kim Gittel will probably not wait, it it takes us past Bayview Daze, as that would just put them back in business for about 2 months.

Flood waters are creeping up and in Bayview it appears that the water level is about one foot above normal Summer level. The lake is expected to crest at around 2064.4 by next week then start to go down. All bets are off if the weather suddenly turns hot.


B said...

no ETA has been available for the liquor licence....

License is with an "s" isn't it?

Bay Views said...

Actually, both spellings are correct, according to Merriam-Webster collegiate dictionary. It is true that License is used more than Licence, which is the preferred spelling in Bristish use. I use the ce, for whatever reason. I just like it better.