Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Scenic Bay Flood Status

Boileau's RV spots looking toward "F" dock

Runoff swale at condos/duck pond

Bridge to Floating Patio

MacDonald's West Ramp

Vista Bay Ramp

As of Wednesday, June 15, 2011, here's the scoop.

The worst case I observed was Harborview Marina. The entrance is under water, as is the gate to the docks. Hip waders or another boat will be necessary to get out to boats and float homes. The docks themselves are floating just fine. It's getting there that is the trick.

Scenic Bay Marina is next with "A" dock approaches under water, along with portions of the parking lot next to the office. Dennis has put down timbers to form a temporary walkway, so access is OK. "C" dock bridge is hinged with a small area under water also. The lake depth gauge was totally under water, so I couldn't check the lake level there.

E dock at J.D.'s is accessible with about six inches to go before that becomes a problem. "F" Dock is partially flooded at ground level ramp.

The Boileau's dock has some problems but the installation of a temporary bridge allows access. Low spots near the sea wall could overflow in the next two or three days as well. The RV spots north of the condos is a different story. Ducks and Geese have taken over from picnicers, as water flowed over the sea wall.

MacDonald's Resort is in pretty good shape unless the water comes up another foot, which it is not predicted to do. The West Ramp is closed due to the ramp being underwater.

Vista Bay looks good, there again unless the water comes up another six inches. That seems to be the level at which things start to unravel, but prediction, if they turn out to be accurate, show a rise of about 3 inches, then start to fall back gradually.

Remember water levels are in hundredths, not inches, so you need to use 8.33 for each additional inch of water. PLEASE, do not raise a wake in the bay. Even a boat going 5mph can cause water to surge over docks and bulkheads. Be kind to our waterfront neighbors. I maxed out the capacity for pictures. For more, see the follow on post, titled, "More Flood Pictures"

Summer level 2062.6
current level 2064.14
predicted 2064.33

***As of Thursday, it appears that water will continue to come up, possibly another 2inches in the next two or three days. Continuous rain coupled with higher temperatures will start the high country snow down. It may get worse, as next week rolls in.


Dennis said...

I can't believe how flooded it is right now!

Anonymous said...

No kidding! I wonder if we will have boats floating down Main Street soon!