Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bayview Daze 2011

Contrary to the story making the rounds, fireworks will not likely be affected by flooding, since the water level is receding some. The slow spring melt with cool weather has caused the waters to rise slowly over a longer period of time than could have been the case. With hot weather coming, the lake is expected to rise a little, but no severe flooding is now predicted.

The re-opening of Bayview's two restaurants is expected soon. The Captain's Wheel will most likely open at the end of this week or the start of next.All this depends on not finding last minute glitches in equipment. Refrigeration doesn't do well when turned off for a couple of years.

Negotiations are under way for the re-opening of the Buttonhook as well. Liquor licence delays may have the restaurant opening without booze, but providing dinner and lunch options. The fate of the Patio is still up in the air, but most likely will not open without a liquor licence.

Camel rides will be available again this year at Bayview Daze, but remember, the fireworks will be Sunday, July 3 this year, a departure from past tradition. This was done so the show would occur in the middle of the holiday week-end.

Warm weather is coming back. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Who is the bright blub that moved the fireworks to Sunday?

Bay Views said...

I believe the theory was to place the fireworks in the middle of the weeend which is Saturday, Sunday and monday, the 4th. You will have to ask the Chamber for details, but that sounds about right.

Anonymous said...

Actually I believe the fireworks were moved to Sunday this year because this is the 60th Anniversary of McDonald's Hudson Bay Resort.
This is in honor of the family who has been so much a part of this community for so many years!


N&E&E said...

Regardless what day the fireworks are, I know a ton of people who will be at Bayview Daze, & we all look forward to the amazing show!! Have tons of fun & Happy 4th of July weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

first of all it is bright BULB NOT BLUB, Mr.witty. and sat is the middle if you are including friday. It really is not good to confuse the public with changing things. It should be on the fourth but being that it is a monday night you don't want people on the hiway heading home that late. but I agree that it should have been left on sat.