Saturday, June 18, 2011

Flood Danger Over ... Maybe

This scene is not of the lake, but of the RV spaces north of the condos.

Flood waters on Lake Pend Oreille peaked yesterday, June 17 at Hope, but water continued to rise in the south end and is expected to gradually lower. But, look out. Starting in the next couple of days are temperatures ramping up into the 80's and lasting for several days. This could accelerate the high snow melt and cause the water to rise once more.

Meanwhile, don't expect the waters to recede with any speed. It appears we will be looking at lake levels higher that normal summer levels for at least two weeks. Again, watch the wakes. There are homes and businesses close to the water level. Any wake at all, even at 5 mph can cause a ripple that will invade these homes. Please respect lakeside dwellers.

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