Monday, July 11, 2011

Ingenuity At Work

Ingenuity is a word that denotes exceptional effort and exercise of original ideas. Such was the case recently at the Buttonhook Restaurant. Faced with an exceptional delay in the issuance of the liquor license,Chan Karupiah, owner of Boileau's Marina along with other properties, he arranged with J.D.'s Resort for three day banquet permit for the Buttonhook so that they could serve alcoholic beverages during the biggest week-end of the summer, Bayview Daze.

When the week-end was over, as usual, the town died down. Not to be defeated, Henry Dean, new proprietor of the Buttonhook, sans liquor licence found another way. Checking with the authorities to make sure he was legal, he advertised BYOB. It turns out that if no employee touches the alcoholic beverage brought in by a customer, pours or in any other way serves the beverage, an unlicensed restaurant may permit patrons to bring their own.

Many eyes opened wide at the invitation on the reader board. BYOB. Of course be ready to pay a corkage fee or pay a reasonable sum for set-ups, but that is only fair. After all, if drinking an alcoholic beverage is done on price only, everyone would drink at home. It's the social gathering place that allows people to pay twice the retail price for the privilege of drinking with their friends.

I salute Henry and Sheryl Dean for their imaginative way of staying open. Stop off at the Bayview Mercantile for a bottle of your favorite wine and haul yourself over to the 'Hook.


Scott said...

We ate there last night and a really good meal. And as usual Marie gave us great service. Triple AAA effort well worth the stop.

Nerak said...

I hear now they won't be returning to the Buttonhook next yr so you'll have to drag you're wine to the cafe I guess. Great food for less!