Sunday, July 17, 2011

Back From The Grave

Just when I thought today would be like any other Sunday, I found I was wrong. What started out as a normal morning reading the Sunday paper turned bizarre as the phone rang.

I picked it up hearing a familiar voice. Not having my hearing aids in yet, I at first had trouble understanding who I was talking to. I plugged in my ears in and lo and behold, it was Rhon Holm, former Bayview resident. It seems that the rumor had it that Rhon was deceased. His wife, Dee even received a sympathy card.

The call began with Rhon saying, "hello from hell. Why aren't you here with me?" I explained that I had woke up alive this morning and wasn't scheduled to visit hell quite yet.

It turns out that Rhon and his lovely bride, Dee are living quite alive in Spokane, Washington. I asked him how his funeral was. He replied, "I didn't show up." For any of you that still believe he met his maker, Don't pay any attention. I recognized his voice. Now of course, he doesn't dare to die as nobody will believe it. Thanks for the call, my friend. Incidentally, what were the long distance charges from Hell?

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