Sunday, August 04, 2013


When did retreat become our national policy?  Last week, the United States closed 21 embassies around the middle east. Why? Because a rabble of Jihadists scared us. Perhaps I have outlived my culture.

Back not two many years ago, if we were threatened by irregular forces, we would send in a Marine heavy weapons platoon to protect what is American soil in other countries. Now these wild eyed jerks can yell boo and we retreat from our embassies. What must other countries think of our policy of, "cut and run?"

Where has our leadership misplaced it's spine? Or did our current government ever have one? Once we were the most powerful nation in the world. Like in Rome, while the emperor fiddled, our current administration dithers in fear. Ronald Reagan must have rolled over in his grave when the state department disengaged in foreign policy, pulled up it's skirts and ran like hell.

While we paid attention to ideologies and personalities, our government has been busy taking our liberties away from us, then removing us from any foreign policy that makes sense. I mourn for what was a great country. My country.

Now that radical Islam has us on the run, is is doubtful that we can ever claw our way back to a position other countries will respect. We have surrendered without a shot being fired.


Paul Celeri said...

Just for fun would like to point out that the fiddle as we know it didn't come about until about the 10th century, and the earliest know record of a bowed instrument would be the Byzantine Lyra from about 900-1100 AD, about 1000 years after Nero watched Rome burn prior to his suicide.

Bay Views said...

I bow to your superior historical knowledge.