Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Diamond Cup - Final Lap

We are solving problems as they occur and discovering others as we go along.

One hitch is the P.A. system will be severely limited. To counter that, we will have a low power FM station broadcasting the P.A. announcements as well as Mike Fitzsimmons calling the race. Anyone that has a portable radio can dial in 90.5 on their FM radio.

Other than that, we expect traffic delays, crowds both at the fairgrounds and at the venue itself. If you own bicycles and can park away from the race course, ride in on bikes you can access any part of the viewing area. Should you wish to leave your bike there is a supervised bike corral across from the Beach House.

I'll be perched up on the judges scaffolding sharing the P.A. duties with Mike and another guy. Have a great time at the race and remember, this is our first time at holding an unlimited hydro race. It will be a learning experience.
Mistakes will be made and improvements for next year incorporated. Please give us a pass this first year, but let us know after the race if you encountered an unreasonable situation.,

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