Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bayview Daze Fireworks

Bayview Daze is almost upon us, and with the events come our annual fireworks show. Some fundraising difficulties have arisen over the last two or so years. Much of it is due to estrangement between what is called Bayview Chamber of Commerce, when in fact it isn't a pro business organization at all, and many of the business leaders in town.

Perhaps it is time for the marina owners to step up. Chan Karupiah, owner of five of the seven marinas in Scenic Bay suggested the other day, that he and owners of MacDonald's and Bitter End marinas get together and develop a plan to subsidize the annual activity.

I personally think it is  a great idea. Most of the movers and shakers that once participated in chamber leadership have dropped out after terms of their offices expired. Perhaps they should rename themselves something like Bayview Community Improvement club or some such.

Business leaders are usually happy to help raise funds and even donate large amounts, but have problems working with the chamber leaders that appear sometimes, anti-business. Let's invite the principle business owners to the table to run the show collectively.


Anonymous said...


MacDonalds has and does actively support the Fireworks. This is just another step in Karupiah's process.

The Chamber is anything BUT anti-business. It is quite simply Chan who is anti-Chamber.

Herb maybe you have lost objectivity.

Norma Jean

Bay Views said...

I posted that, Norma Jean, not to agree with you, but to show where you, yourself have lost your objectivity. From the day you left employment at Scenic Bay you have done a 180 degree flip. That is your right, but don't confuse your subjectivity with my objectivity. Just simply disagree. Is it that hard to do with the attack sentence?