Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ben Wolfinger For Sheriff

Out of the three candidates for Kootenai County Sheriff, only one has the obvious qualifications. Ben Wolfinger. Twenty-nine years in the department, attaining the rank of Major, tells us two things. One, he doesn't have to be taught how to run the department. No learning curve at all. Two, He wouldn't have attained the rank he now holds without being very competent.
Having said that, one candidate for sheriff is not a politician. He is a career officer that worked his way up through the ranks to Major. He’s a good cop with a balanced attitude toward the community. Ben was hired in April, 1983, 29 years ago. He is responsive to the community. I’ve had occasion to interface with hime when an officer or two got out of line. They were swiftly removed. He doesn’t tolerate law officers breaking the law, planting false evidence or making up probable cause to stop vehicles. He firmly believes that law enforcement officers need to lead the way in respecting our statutes. I would urge everone to vote for this fine officer and citizen.

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