Sunday, April 22, 2007

Farragut Rocks

Rocks are just rocks, unless they mean something to someone. Last Summer, Farragut State Park piled a bunch of boulders paralleling the highway. Then came the mystery people. They started piling small rocks on top of the large ones, kind of like the ancient Indian custom.

I was going to go up there to take a picture of them, since many people had done so on their own. Unfortunately, someone, with a destructive nature, decided that they were an attractive target. Today they are gone. I was going to feature them in my next column, but unless one of the many picture takers share a shot with me, I can't.

It never ceases to amaze me, why people, usually bored young people, choose to destroy things in their path, just to either feel good about themselves, (hey, I made a difference) or just to screw with adults that have values. One can only hope that at some point in time, they will acquire the same.

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Deanna said...

Rock stackers don't expect their creations to last long, much like people who create sand scuptures.

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