Thursday, April 12, 2007

Imus Lynched

I think most people that read my stuff know that I'm a conservative. Most people that follow Don Imus know that he is an ultra liberal. Why am I defending him? Because, even though by today's standards, he said something unacceptable, he is now a cover guy for Black Activists.

The feeding frenzy that is going on right now is news only because the main stream media made it so. He screwed up, said something that would have got laughs twenty years ago, and will get you crucified today. Imus created a stage on which every Black Activist, or Wannabe, is clamoring for face time on CNN. The Right Reverend Sharpton, Christian, who has been quoted as having called New York Jews, of which Imus is one, residents of Hymie town. New York Jews call blacks the Yiddish Svartzer.

Twenty years ago, these ethnic slurs were used in regular conversation. Those of us that were born before the 1940's told ethnic jokes, and laughed at each other's ethic background. I have a Norwegian name. I was a square head. others were Pollacks, Spics, Bohunks,Chinks, Nips and so on. Even I, after introducing all these ethnic slurs, won't use the ones for Blacks. Why? Look to your television screens.

Howard Stern is still on the air ... Imus isn't. Neither Guy will be known for their brilliant rhetoric, but I find it interesting that it is more acceptable to be a potty mouth than a bigot.

Folks this is show business. News is no longer earth shaking news that will affect all our lives. We have a media that focuses on Models, beauty queens, sluts, and druggie rappers. I find it sadly amusing that Black Activists, who apparently are really politicians, having told us over many years to apologize for the lynchings that took place in the South many years ago, are now engaged in leading the pack.

I call shame on the entire bunch of weird people that are willing to over look the great charitable contributions, the Youth Ranch he and his Brother run in
Arizona for terminally Ill Children, many, I'm sure that are Black, just for one opportunity to Lynch a good man. Apparently, Double standards are alive and well.

Sharpton! You aren't even close to being a Christian. You are just another Jerk that is getting political mileage from an unfortunate incident. I pity you, and CNN and all the others that are engaging in this feeding frenzy. Sharks would be kinder.

For Shame!


Mike said...

I agree with everything that you posted. At the same time I realize that it won't change anything. There is a double standard.

I believe in the give them enough rope theory.

Sara E Anderson said...

Maybe you should even be ignoring Sharpton and the newscasters and looking to the reaction of the people who were actually hurt - the basketball team. They are the ones who get to decide if they've been hurt. It's up to us to support them, not dismiss them.

Anonymous said...

her ya go herb if you like the shoc joc stuff listen to this guy.

i dont think what imus said was racist he just said it about a group of ivy league law students and he appologized... thats where he went wrong. he should have stuck to his guns.
i may be wrong but i think howard stern is not on radio he is on sat radio now; subscription only