Thursday, January 07, 2016


I have been watching debate regarding Trump and his over the top coverage. First let me say that whether it be a newspaper, a TV network or any other new/opinion source, controversy rules. Ratings are all about the need for this anomaly.

While Trump stumbles through gaff after gaff, it is obvious that many are sick and tired of the bloviating of this Narcissistic Jerk. But he is speaking to the segment of voters that are sick and tired of the old same old same crap emulating from both sides and  don't seem to care about his comportment.

I think it is time to step back and examine these candidates on the basis of would they function as good presidents, or would they blow up our system of government ever worse that our current president has. Regardless of Trump's appeal to the blue collar unsophisticated citizen that more often than not hasn't voted in years.

Angry is alright, but it must be modified by common sense. We must choose not just a man or woman that says "That's right," but a person that can calmly navigate the complicated issues that govern us.

Being a guy that resonates with the dissatisfied voter, if in fact they vote at all,  isn't enough. I haven't picked a candidate yet, though I do have some ideas. I supported Ben Carson right up to the day he threatened to leave the party if a brokered convention were to evolve. Committing suicide as Republicans unfortunately is a tradition,  and destroying the Republican Party is not a rational way to go and would lead to the unraveling of our constitutional system.

We already have an inexperienced, unqualified Demagogue as president. We do not want or need another who wants to play outside constitutional government. Another could cause a constitutional emergency. 

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Serena said...

I agree with your assessment 100 percent! And I jumped off the Carson train about the same time that you did.

There was an interesting article i read which postulated that Trump and Carson's popularity stems from people being flat-out fed up with political correctness. Let me pass along the link: