Sunday, June 21, 2015


While hindsight is reviled much of the time, without it we would have no ties to the past history of man, of countries and of families. I have reconstructed some evidence that the death of respect for country and even for elders, with many side paths to truth.

It all started in the mid Sixties with what was sometimes called the Beat generation and sometimes Hippy culture. The anti war movement was in full swing with slogans chanting, Hell no, we won't go." Veterans of combat that returned from Viet Nam were reviled with wild charges of baby killing and many other vilification's.

By 1980, those that were adult hippies had raised their children in their own culture, breaking the string of generations past, bringing up their children to disrespect the government and authority in general. My childhood which started in 1938 and hasn't yet ended, was filled with lectures on honesty, virtue, honor, respect for others, etc.

No longer have we the formula for decent living. Kids misbehave in School and playgrounds because their parents didn't teach them different. Rules are in opposition to authority, which even reaches into our court system. A child can no longer be disciplined in school and god forbid should a teacher touch, let alone spank an unruly child.

This brings us to the present crop of adults that for three generations were not taught right from wrong. Kids stayed away from church because the education taught by their parents didn't include respect for God, Country or even each other.

When I was a child we played outdoors when weather permitted and entertained ourselves without the Internet, of TV even. Television in it's infancy was made up of wholesome family oriented situations. Dr. Weldon, the Brady Bunch, and all of this with just one channel in the Seattle area, King TV and NBC. We played cowboys and Indians based on those days, B movies with the Lone Ranger, Hopalong Cassidy and many others. We didn't hate Indians, we just didn't know any. We had cap pistols, but none of us grew up to be killers.

While there were extremists around, they lacked the support of their communities. Fast forward to the present, where gun control activists are still trying to eliminate ownership of firearms in the face of the Supreme Court ruling that ownership of guns is a constitutional right. Families have been ripped apart by divorce, or even having babies out of wedlock.

We are a society of people untrained in decency. We have explosive movies and computer games that make killing others entertainment. Our families do not dine together, or even do any family outings.

The entire detailed story is too long to tell, and those who need to read it don't read. Our children are being raised by Facebook, not parents. We have the contradiction of free speech, but under politically correct rules primarily set by leftist journalists, no ability to exercise it. Start a conversation about racial issues and you are immediately accused of being racist. None of our problems today will likely be solved. As in Rome, the British Empire and other societies, we are hell bent down hill in full destruct mode with no moral compass and religious people reviled by atheists.

I'm glad I won't be around to see the end. It all came unraveled by an unpopular war which separated the people from the government. The majority of our eligible voters don't participate, leaving the field to Wackos from the left and right. I see no cultural swing back to respect.

Tomorrow the sun starts it's journey  away from us. Just as people are deserting their heritage, It too is leaving us.

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