Thursday, June 11, 2015

Button Hook Opens.. kinda

After liquor license difficulties, the Buttonhook Restaurant and Bar is open again. I dropped in to find the bar packed, Wednesday, only to find that the dozen or so sitting at the bar and tables were all employees.

Noting the linen table cloths, it took me back to  the last time the 'Hook went first class. It was a disaster which lost big time money. Checking the menu, I noted that Steaks ranged from top sirloins at $18.95 up to a humongous 24 ounce Rib Steak costing $35.95.

My experience at the bar was that the owners redefined the term, "soft openings." I was offered a  warm beer, not my usual brand. They were in the process of displaying various wines.  What is a puzzler, is that my sources indicated that none of the suppliers, food, beer and wine  distributors have yet to open an account or receive an order from the Button Hook.I guess that they shopped at Costco.

Anyway, the folks were friendly and promised that the beer would be cold next time I dropped in. I didn't ask the prices for wine, but my warm beer was $3.50.

As always, the people in Bayview will give them a chance, but at these prices, shouldn't expect much local support. While high food prices are common in Spokane, that isn't the case in Bayview.

The target I assume, is the out of town tourists, who are used to paying more for their food and drinks.The liquor license has not been issued yet, so food, beer and wine will be the available menu. 

Anyway, welcome to Bayview and good luck to you.

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