Sunday, June 28, 2015


Arriving in the middle of an early heat wave, people should note that even though Bayview fireworks are on the 4th, Saturday, not everything is the same. Two differences between Coeur d'Alene and Bayview are, ours are better, and the temperatures will traditionally be 5 or so degrees cooler. The street fair starts Friday the 3rd. Any last minute booth requests will be considered, by calling the Scenic Bay Marinas at: 208-683-2243.

There will be a street parade Saturday, followed by the traditional street fair that has become very popular. The will be food galore, at Ralph's Cafe, The Buttonhook, Floating Patio and last but not least, The Captain's Wheel. Both alcoholic beverages and food will be available in most locations.

For information on the parade, call Norma Jean at 683-1980 or Marcy at 683-3276

With the Buttonhook opening recently, there will be more choices for dining but with the huge crowds expected, count on delays in service. No staff, regardless of their normal good service can stay ahead of a once a year crowd that will exceed several hundred. Be patient, or arrange to eat early before the dinner rush. Last year, all hands on deck, the Wheel had to stop taking customers on their waiting list after 1 1/2 hour waits. Everyone hopes they can do better, but second guessing the restaurants is churlish and out of line. Capacity is capacity. The kitchens can serve a maximum, then you get long waits.

Early arrivals for both the parade and fireworks are the answer to traffic problems. Bayview isn't near as bad as Coeur d'Alene, but bottlenecks occur. There will be ample law enforcement to forestall those that wish to abuse our hospitality. Shooting off fireworks privately is prohibited. Shooting roman candles and the like is dangerous to the large crowds and a severe fire danger to the boats in the marinas. There are security cameras throughout Bayview and count on them being actively monitored throughout the week end.

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