Monday, June 01, 2015

Visiting The Past

Many of you after reading my blog have noticed the picture of a woman shoveling snow. The location was Lead Point, Stevens County, Washington. The year was 1929. The woman was my Mom teaching her first year of school in a one room school house, grades 1-8

Farm communities seldom found students attending high school, but most managed to get a pretty good education from an eighth grade  graduation. My Mom taught in four different schools before she started a family, of which I was the second baby.

By that time, in 1938, My father, Amos Huseland and mother, Nina Huseland had moved to the Foster area of King County. We moved to Kennydale, in 1943, a then suburb of Renton, where we stayed through our school years.

My son Brian and I and then brother Stan toured the area of the Huseland homestead, Lead Point School, Aladdin School, Onion Creek School and finally Spirit School, just two miles from the farm where Dad &and Mom lived, having inherited the Stepfather's homestead upon the death of his mother.

All but one, Aladdin are still standing. Spirit School is now a residence, Lead Point has been used as a community meeting place and is still in good shape.Onion Creek is still a school, having been added on to and is still educating kids. The original bell is still operational. I got to ring it when I visited a couple years ago.

The reason I chose now to share this with you is that June 27 the Onion Creek School is holding a 100th year centennial, which I have been invited to. My Mom taught there in 1933 or 34.

I will try to attach some photos of these schools, plus the 1910 requirements for an 8th grade diploma. 

Here's a fun link to an 8th grade exam in Washington in 1910:

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