Thursday, May 28, 2015

Tribal Ties that Bind

In every in depth story about Afghanistan, Libya, well any country ending in stan along with sub-Sahara Africa one common denominator is the word, "Tribe," Did I mention Iraq?

Any region that is driven by tribal loyalties and power cannot sustain a central government unless the leader is a Saddam Husein type dictator. Remove the leader and bingo it reverts back to tribal politics leaving the entire country divided into tribal enclaves.

When European powers collectively pulled out of Africa and the middle east, it left a vacuum of tribal warriors with little or no education to try to form a government. If any of you can name one that succeeded, I sure can't.

So here we are, attempting to build nations from tribal domains. Ain't gonna happen, folks. Then throw in religious differences and you have the classic anarchy waiting for the first hungry neighbor to feast on them. We need to rebuild and redefine Kurdistan. They are the only power block that can stand in the way of ISIS or Iran.

Iraq is no more. The president of the United States is throwing it's Arab partners under the Iranian bus. It now is too late to unscramble the Syrian mess with several different sides fighting each other for few if any results. Iran is poised, with it's army already in Iraq to take everything south of Baghdad. North will be ISIS vs. Kurds, with the middle belonging to the savages.

Leaders that only control neighborhoods, are tribal leaders. Nothing good ever came of government by rabble.

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