Sunday, May 17, 2015

Water & Sewer Election

Tuesday, May 19 will be an election. Voting will take place as usual, at the community Center It is non-partisan, so political parties or affiliations are not germane. What is though, is your participation. For the first time since the department was formed, an open election is being held. This was brought about by two alert challengers to what is a wholly appointed board of directors. Both incumbents are fine people. So are the challengers. Whether you recognize the need to over turn he status quo, or favor the incumbents, at the very lease use you vote to send whatever message that you feel the need for. But please, in the interests of democracy, cast your ballot. Protect your right to elect the board members rather than leave the choice to others.

I want to go on the record that I have no argument personally with the current board members with one exception. On a board that is supposed to hold open elections, All are appointees. We must break that cycle.  If good people loose the election it is a small price for openness and democracy.

Already an e-mail has been circulated throwing Chan and Spencer into the mix. That frankly smells. I do not believe Chan has invested either money or other support for any candidates. To link Spencer, an extremist Right wing guy with candidates that are possibly left of center is ludicrous.

It appears to be a panic reaction to the possibility of wresting control of information  from Chuck Waller. If either challenger are elected, no future election will be held in secrecy. That alone  warrants a change. It is worth while to take what borders on corruption out of play.

During the candidate meeting held at the Community Center, both incumbents refused to answer any questions regarding their personal views. That to me smells of a gag rule by the chair, which is for starters, illegal and shows the contempt some members have for the community at large. All individuals have the right at all times to offer their opinions.

This isn't about personalities or even qualifications. It is a vote for openness and transparency.


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Bay Views said...

Both races have the challengers winning by a hai, but the absentees will be counted after all precincts are complete.

Bayview W & S had only 19 votes. We will have to wait possibly late tonight or even tomorrow, because once again they chose not to count the absentees first. So far, knock on wood) the challengers won both races by 3 and 1. Boy, talk about your vote counting...Wow.