Tuesday, May 19, 2015

M & M wins

No, sorry, the Mariners are not part of this story. What is, is that for the first time since the Bayview Water & Sewer District board of directors were formed, have defeated appointees. Meyer & May have won.

This was a victory for democracy and unfortunately the appointees that ran as incumbents were beat. Not because they weren't worthy, but because they were the victims of a totalitarian cabal that was Chuck Waller's private domain.I encourage the defeated candidates to run next time on their own merits, not Waller's.

Waller, consistently claims that the board satisfied the law by publishing election notices in the legals at the CDA press. If any of you know of anyone that reads the legals Outside of  Title Insurance Companies, I'd be amazed. This however is the minimum requirement of the district under state law.

So then, could it be that the electorate became pissed off that they weren't given a fair chance at running? Bet yer ass it did. Other than the minimum requirement, no effort was ever used to clearly inform the community of an upcoming election. That will change as neither board member elect will allow another secret election where the board appoints members.

There were allegations that Chan and Spencer had a surreptitious role in this election. First, Spenser is a joke. Secondly, I doubt that Chan took an active part, and certainly Spenser didn't. This was a last minute red herring thrown into the mix in the demagogic tradition. To take a thoroughly discredited business person like Spencer and throw him into a totally unrelated role was mud slinging. Something that was beneath the slinger.

Just to clear the air, the allegation that in order to build condos from wall to wall around the bay, was actually either misinformed or deliberate attempts to draw Chan into the race by playing the developer card.

I investigated this slander by going to the source. It turns out that one, Chan could have just bought out James Darling, but it was unnecessary. Either the Water &and Sewer Board doesn't keep track of ER's or the forgot that those ER's that Holland had reverted to Chan He doesn't need any more than he already has.

It is sad that untruths in this small community are taken a face value by no growth people, even when apparently they are blatantly lies, either by the board or the persons that believed and wrote these untruths.   Misspent  loyalty has a price, and those that spread these rumors will eventually pay that price.

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