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The closure of the first world war brought on some momentous changes. The enemy was conquered, and the vast majority or these territories that lay from North African to the Dardanelles. It was called the Ottoman Empire. All of the middle east including Israel, Syria, Iraq, Transjordan and  of course Turkey, the headquarters of the former empire. But Dictators, that lost wars never had control over the spoils.

The two on the winners side were France and Great Britain, both empires that owned or controlled many colonies, divided up North Africa and the aforementioned middle east. They redrew national boundaries, not to their natural locations built upon the tribes that resided there, but for political purposes.

Kurdistan, the once powerful nation that was led against the Crusaders, wasn't Arab, he was a Kurd. Al-Saladin chased the European powers out of what later became the Ottoman Empire. Some of you remember the film about the British officer that led them.

The Kurds were a war like collection of tribes that were dismembered by the spiteful British.

The reason for this history lesson has it's purpose. With several countries disintegrating in the Area, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and the other tribal areas of historical Kurdistan, this might be the perfect time to right a wrong.  Reestablishing Kurdistan would put opposing forces on the borders of Syria, Iraq, Iran and eastern Turkey, which would form a buffer against these countries that seem to have a problem getting along.

There are other factors. We hear daily in the news of this or that tribe in Iraq or the countries having tribal difficulties. Any time I hear tribal, I know that that area is not ready for a central government. This situation exists in all of Africa, many middle eastern countries as well. Tribal Jealousies, rivals and centuries long  feuds cancel out any hope of a central government. Where they exist you will find a Saddam Hussein, Assad, or a religious Junta that is trying to take over the world.

At seventy seven years old, I won't be around for the finish, but the younger generation, those that have dropped out of any interest in the bullshit that passes for government. They just don't feel empowered and just give up. Colleges consistently teach extreme liberal agendas , like they really work.

These solutions that I have listed, of course will not take place. It would probably create war with Turkey and Iran fighting back. Still, with a world in flames could the west, would the west impose what was wrongly imposed in 1920.

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