Friday, May 27, 2016

Coal Trains

I am about to enter the rant zone. I've had it with the lefties bouncing from one anti people issue to another, while trying their best to destroy the human race, so they can more efficiently return our globe to whatever it's natural state was. probably without dinosaurs, though.

These issues are a scam to disguise the real purposes intended. First there was the spotted owls. These silly jerks didn't give a rat's ass about owls. They just wanted to make logging stop. They succeeded in the national forests.

Then there was the pipeline from Canada, connecting existing pipes to the short connector that was to cross the border. There again, it wasn't about how oil is transported, it was and is about stopping the use of coal, oil and anything that burns.

So now the pipeline is dead, Canada is building it's own. So now the howl goes up about the dangers of coal and oil trains passing through Spokane. That is a Trojan Horse as well. These extremists want at all costs to stop the use of carbon based fuels. Folks, you can't have it both ways. You kill the pipeline, more trains. You kill coal ports, Mississippi barges will take their place.

I was born in the late thirties and spent a childhood in the forties watching most everyone burn coal in their cook stoves or heating units. More coal was burned in this country during that period by many times than is used in today's power plants. We had a coal bin with home delivery. The entire foothills of the Bellevue to Puyallup was coal mines back then. Towns like Black Diamond and others were the gifts god created for us.

Many things in life are dirty. Disposing of human waste is dirty, but they haven't figured out a way to stop us from pooping, have they?

It wouldn't be so bad if these philosophically blinded had a substitute, but they don't have one, except nuclear plants, which they oppose as well. Allowing a misguided few to control our future is blatant insanity. You people have created your own  situation. Live with it.


SpadeRanch Mules said...

Love your insight and viewpoint Herb!

SpadeRanch Mules said...

Love your insight and viewpoint Herb!