Sunday, May 15, 2016

Rest In Peace

Two huge memorial/Celebrations of lives occurred Saturday, May 14. One for Lorraine Landwehr, held at Farragut State Park near Bayview, Idaho, and one for Roger Kellmer, held on the patio of J.D.'s Resort.

I was only able to attend the second one here in Bayview, honoring long term resident and good guy, Roger Kellmer. Standing room only was the situation as more than 100 old friends both from Bayview and those he grew up with and worked with from Potlatch and his tire shop in Wallace, Idaho.

I'm told that half the town of Bayview attended the event at Farragut. The other half was at J.D.'s. Many old friends that no longer live here in Bayview, came out to say goodbye to their old buddy, the "Tire man."

Roger excelled at fishing and playing pool. Every Winter he would appear during pool league, and back when he had a ride, on the lake, where "Tire Man" was his marine radio handle.

Though mourning his death was the occasion, I got the impression that it turned out to be more of a joyous party. He would have liked to be host, and maybe he was.

His two daughters, one living in Post Falls, Idaho and the other trekking in from Tennessee, were on the scene, alternatively laughing and crying and many people spoke of their experiences with Roger. It would be nice if they would attempt to visit us in Bayview in the future.

Many remember Mike Dotson, alias Airline Mike. He was unable to attend, since he now lives in West Virginia, sends best wishes to all. He was a good friend of Roger's.

With Liz Justus, Lorraine  for many years ran the Chamber's Bayview Daze activities. Especially the parade. They both will leave a hole in the fabric of Bayview. This has been a year of many of our leading citizens leaving us.The old guard is fast disappearing.


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