Friday, June 29, 2007

The Male Ego

It just occurred to me that I am paying probably $5.00 more than I have to for a haircut. Why, you ask would I do something stupid like that? Simple. I get my hair cut by a pretty lady. If you think I will inform her of my age, when she thinks I'm too young for the discount, get real. Ain't going to happen. That started me wondering about other issues of that sort.

Do women buy clothes that are deliberately shown to be a size smaller than reality dictates? Some probably do. Recently, I heard (through my above mentioned hair cutter) of a guy (anonymous) that got his back waxed. In the mean time, don't anyone tell these ladies what my real age is. I intend to live in my fantasy world as long as possible.

If any of you have ideas, stories, etc. along these lines, feel free to comment, with the exception for comments relating to my age/looks. After all, I do have a male ego.


Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure she knows you are an old fart.

Bay Views said...

You're probably right ...Sigh!