Sunday, June 03, 2007


It's hard when the weather is so nice, Summer has arrived and I get lazier, to keep biting Bob Holland on the Ass, so I won't today. Boaters are plying the waters of Scenic Bay, checking out the dock parties and shore loungers. My Tomatoes are growing like mad, and, Oh, I almost forgot. My friends are beseeching me to tell some lies about Bayview, lest I attract more residents. Just remember that when I say nice things about our little town, I'm lying.

I may have to slack off my blog posts a little, as my retirement has been somewhat interrupted by my column in the Spokesman-Review. This is a gig that I am enjoying for a number of reasons. One, I find myself getting way more involved in the Community than before. Two, my creative juices are flowing again after a long hiatus.

I started out doing a semi-monthly column of Bayview news and stories of interest in the area. That changed to weekly, and now expanded to Athol. I'm also working on a story about a very special person that recently passed away. I'm having a great time.

July 7, marks the Bayview Daze parade and street fair. I will have two reasons to enjoy that event. One, my Brother and Sister-in-law from Indiana will visit. Two, I was chosen to be the parade master of ceremonies. I'm sure that will be a memorable week-end. To top that off, sometime in July, my Youngest Son and family are moving to Spokane to accept a teaching position at the Northwest Christian School. They have been in England for 4 years. It's good to have Grandkids within reach again.

Well, enough of this drivel. I'm going to hit the Wheel for a brew ...

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