Thursday, June 21, 2007

Adventures in Bayview

I experienced some good things today, and some bad things. First and foremost, I must cover my embarrassment. I received a call from a normally reliable source telling me that Waterford Park was defying the stop work order requiring them to not do any more work on the marina except to replace "A" dock, for safety reasons. After 30 minutes or so, I received another call from the same source telling me that Jim Brady had received a letter from Steve Wetzel, attorney for Waterford Park Homes, (Multiple LLC's) stating that they were going to go ahead with the entire project, disregarding the permission to just replace the one dock.

I thought I was misinformed. Rather than follow up on this, since my informant had already blown the whistle, so to speak, I drove over to the Marina, where I walked down to the aforementioned dock. I met a very nice young man, Gordy, who is known throughout the town as Holland's construction Superintendent. I said hi, and he said, You are going to cost me my job!" I of course asked why he thought that. His phone rang and he walked up on the shore to answer it. Shortly thereafter, a thoroughly steamed Tina Arendt, manager of the Waterford Park Marinas, was observed running toward me pointing a finger at me. She then yelled, "You are on private property... Go Home!

Well, of course, I left. After all, how could a gentleman resist an invitation like that. Unfortunately, she meant alone. Having been evicted, legally or not, I did decide that since she did have perhaps the authority to evict me, she didn't have the right to sent me home. Confident in my righteousness, I headed for the nearest non-Holland owned bar. After all, it was Happy Hour.

Friday, June 22:
A postscript to this experience, was that after the crew from the Spokesman-Review interviewed everyone, they told me nothing was going on that wasn't already approved. Friday Morning, after reading correspondence from Wetzel, Waterford Park's attorney, to the Idaho Department of Lands, the S/R exposed the real intent, which is to defy the State, claiming that the permits they already have, covers replacing the docks where they originally were, and furthermore, were going to drive more pilings. The battle looms, oh, and my usually accurate informant was not misled, but was right on!


Phil said...

Wow, Bayview's like a Martin Scorsese film. You are locking your doors at night, right? Also check your car for time bombs!

Anonymous said...

Who is Jim Brady and ARE they defying the stop work order?

Bill McCrory said...

Jim Brady is a senior lands resource specialist with the Idaho Department of Lands, Department of Navigable Waters/Mining out of Sandpoint. He's the state official that intervened when Prairie Falls LLC was illegally surface mining what was to be a public park in the Sunshine Meadows subdivision in Coeur d'Alene in 2004. He is one of the most honest and courageous people in IDoL.

Anonymous said...
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Bay Views said...

The above comment was removed by me because it was not directed to the issue, but was an attack on the character and behavior of a public official. I have removed what appears to be another remark by the same commenter. In the new one, it was pointed out that I was inhibiting freedom of expression.

Not at all. You may express your personal opinions all you want. You can't necessarily do it here if it violates my standards. It's all about that this is my sandbox and I call the shots. If, a person is determined to disagree with me, they can, of course start their own blog.