Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Restaurant Capacity

A couple of years ago the Captain's Wheel Restaurant received complaints about slow service. This was due to hundreds of visitors in town with only one full service restaurant open.

This could happen again this year with the Buttonhook closed. Limited menus are available at Ralph's and the Floating Patio, but I advise folks to dine early before the rush.

The unfortunate result with the Buttonhook, is a small group of anti-business left wing people who especially resent Chan Karupiah, owner of several marinas including the Buttonhook.

A recent hearing by the road district in response to an easement request by Karupiah, was faithfully attended by this anti-everything group. They are not just harming the Buttonhook, but also the community. The negative impact on tourism will soon be felt if we don't have enough dining facilities to handle the crowds. Without this easement connecting the Buttonhook with Harborview marina, no resort liquor license can be obtained.  

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