Thursday, November 18, 2010

Big Brother-Illlegal Search Seizure

If you are accosted by a police officer, a sheriff deputy, an FBI agent, you have certain constitutional rights. The right to silence, the right to not be required to give evidence against yourself, the right to not be subjected to unreasonable or unlawful search & seizure.

The one exception to that rule of law, is the U.S. Transportation Security Agency. TSA can xray you, force you to strip without probable cause to suspect any damn thing, and now in addition to auditioning for a job as a stripper, they can fondle your genitals. There are several problems with all of these topics but let us dwell upon the genitals for a moment.

Unless I'm on a hot date, I really don't want anyone fondling me anywhere. I do suppose though that there are weirdos out there that will go through the line numerous times for that forgettable pleasure. This has gone way past reasonable. Unfortunately, our government doesn't seem to care about strict enforcement of our constitutional rights. Like all big governments they will do what we let them get away with to protect us from Granny's, red headed, light complected, Arab terrorists, etc. Common sense needs to take hold here or the courts will.

The other down side is that where a traveller has choices, many are starting to drive or take a train, rather than suffer the long delays in line and ending with indignities. It is time for all citizens to rise up and let the TSA and their bosses that no solution is 100% safe, so stop taking our liberties from us to try. The politically correct notion that we cannot profile is ludicrous on it's surface. I'm not even sure there is a law against profiling, but just something the MSM has invented, then foisted upon the public. Profiling is the best tool law enforcement has. Taken away, we have to screen thousands of obviously innocents to attempt to catch one or two real threats. If any movement is a threat to the airline industry it is these jokers and their unconstitutional regulations.

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