Friday, November 12, 2010

Idaho-Boise State

Well it was, after all a foregone conclusion that one of the best teams in the nation would beat Idaho. That the score was 52-14 was actually a false indicator, as in the second half the Boise State coach had his 2nd and 3rd string players in the game. What wasn't a foregone conclusion, was how the Idaho defense and sometimes offense refused to quit.

I had mixed feelings about the game. I am not a native of Idaho, but a life long fan of the University of Washington.I have kind of degeneratively become a regional fan. When I was younger, USC and occasionally UCLA dominated the league. UI has not competed in any demonstrative way for a very long time. Historical notes reveal that the original league was disbanded, forming the pac-ten was for the most part to dump Idaho which had never been competitive.

What this boils down to is that I am a regional fan. The day that the SoCal teams dominated the league is over. For years, USC would sign over 150 players. Not to play them, but to keep them from other teams. The NCAA rulebook forcing teams to limit rosters cost the rich colleges big time.

Now I root for first, Washington,then the other NW teams. That brings me to the present situation. While I wanted on the one hand for Idaho to do well, I also wanted Boise State to stay in the race for national champs. Mixed emotions indeed. Well, the game came out about where I was predicted to be, with Boise State pulling their first string after the first half. That was classy.

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