Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Mouth Riseth

Some weeks, especially after some real good hard news, not to mention the antics of our elected Buffoons, things just don't happen. This is one of them.I've run out of energy trying to convince people that honesty and integrity, while rare, is still a feature that voters should strive for. Bottom line as they say, is,"You deserve what you ask for."

As a result, I'm going to ramble a bit. OK so I do that a lot anyway, right? The weather has turned colder. Not blistering, frost bite cold, but after what seems to be just last week's summer, a change has occured, as it does every year. I'm too broke to follow the Arizona bound lemmings as they desert our mecca of delightful summer activities, and I'm too old/tired/lazy to shovel snow.

The weather guessers have forecast gloom and doom for this year, explaining as they do every year, the difference between El Nino and La Nina. Does anyone but me remember when the forecasters would just tell it like they thought it would happen, without studying their computer models to replace what used to be called fortune telling globes. How many times have you looked out the window and observed weather that is totally different than those weather gods are predicting from their windowless enclaves.

Alas, you may have already figured out that I have absolutely nothing worthwhile to say this time around. Hey, even the Bayview Chamber of Commerce (chuckle) held their monthly meeting without bloodshed.You need to go do something useful, not sit there reading my meaningless stuff.

A howdy to John Land and beautiful bride, Jan in merry old England. I wish you a very merry Christmas. ( I can hardly ask you to celebrate Thanksgiving, as it was in celebration of our original religious fanatics set forth upon out continent, escaping from the dastardly clutches of the Church of England.)

And to all of you snow birds that will not have to dig their cars out this winter, I would spit in your direction except it would freeze in mid-air.

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