Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snowy, Cold Holidays

This morning, I wrote an energy check that I couldn't cash. Faced with foot deep snow on the north side of my house, (where my car is parked)and a three foot berm where the snow plow buried said car, I decided to just leave it. My back has been acting up and I guess the aging process is speeding up, while my body is slowing down. Then while shovelling snow off of my front porch so the snow wouldn't slide down inside my sorrels while fetching my daily dose of the spokesman-Review, my snow shovel broke.

I looked around for what to do during the holiday approaching. I was thinking I needed to go to town for a whole chicken for Thanksgivings dinner. (Turkeys are too damn big for one person. Then it hit me. Every time I go to town I buy more than I can use at the grocery. Also, I am a hoarder. With my deep freeze full to capacity, I thought, aha! I bet there is a whole chicken frozen in there somewhere. There were two. On the shelf was a miniature can of cranberry sauce, along with another desperately lonely can of yams.

It dawned upon me. I don't need to go anywhere. I had no previous plans to go out during the holidays, so why not just do it myself. There won't be a large family gathering around my table, but the bird along with all of the fixin's will be on the table and with football dominating the day, I'll be just fine. Someday I'll yell for help and dig my car out, but for now, I have heat, lights and a good book. My gas mileage is always good, but parked under a snowdrift, it's even better.

You all have a great T-Day and remember the important urgency of the day. If the weather is dangerous, stay home. Already several have died because the weather coupled with inexperience and the belief that they just had to be somewhere, killed them before they could enjoy that gathering they just HAD to be present for.


Anonymous said...


Stay in and stay warm. Chicken works just fine for Thanksgiving. Warmest of wishes to you on this holiday.

NJ & Dean

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Herb. Stay in where it's warm and enjoy your home cooked meal.


Anonymous said...


I hope you have been dug out by now and are able to get around in your car. I have been busy shoveling snow and chasing my white Siberian. She loves the snow and is eager to meet and greet the deer. It is difficult trying to locate her at night and in the snow but we prevailed.

The Bay Cafe is now closed on Mondays but will be hosting a dinner on the 7th of December. Tell everyone to be patient Dean is chef extrodonair and the wait staff too, plus chief bottle washer.

I would volunteer but fear the welcome mat is no longer available to me!

I know you are not the local announcement board but hope you will have patience with me!

Norma Jean