Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bayview Centennial Continues

If you thought all centennial events were over for the Summer, you were wrong. One last day of celebration will occur with a Country Fair Saturday, September 4. Held at the community Center from 1-6 pm, games will go on most of the day. A cakewalk will take place every half hour, as well as a new bingo game as well.

Some of the wacky events include a best beard contest at 1:30, best leg contest at 2:00. We aren't sure if men are included in the best leg contest, but suspect not. For those that dislike shrill noises, you might want to avoid the best whistle contest scheduled for 2:30 pm. The final foolishness will be the pit spitting contest at 3:00 pm.

Drawings for big prizes at 3:45 pm - Everyone present will get a chance. Following the drawings, everyone is invited to sample the huge birthday cake. The parking lot will be transformed after the cake cutting, so that an old fashioned street dance can take over. Festivities will end at 6:00.

The following weekend, September 11 will feature the annual Farragut Naval reunion. Flag raising at 9:00 am followed by a reunion at Sunrise in the park.

While most tourists will depart after Labor Day weekend, remember that the sun will still shine on the very best Bayview has to offer. The month of September.

Please remember to vote, Tuesday, August 24 at your usual polling place. Important issues are to be decided in this, the world's greatest democracy.

An additional activity added:

We are having a cake decorating contest at the Centennial Country Fair
on Sept. 4th and we am looking for a few people to bake and decorate
and then donate their cakes which will be judged for a decorating
prize, then used AS prizes for our cake walk and a couple of other
contests. This will be a low key decorating contest, and cakes need
not be made from scratch, just look, and taste, decent!

Cakes should be brought to the Community Center by 12:30 pm on Sat.
9/4. They will be judged at 12:50 pm and the first of 6 cake walks
will be at 1:15 where the first one will be given away. then every
half hour after that until 4 PM
This is a great opportunity for some of our great bakers to get
involved in our last Centennial event. PLEASE HELP.
Please call K. Clark at 683-3528 to volunteer. Thanks

Kathy Clark


Dana said...


How does one enter these wacky events~ if I can persuade him, I have a guaranteed winner of the Loudest Whistle event! :)

~KaBlam's Publicist..

Bay Views said...

Just whistle up a ride and show up.

Dana said...

sounds like a plan :)