Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Guest Editorial by Ralph Jones

My vision for the Bayview Chamber of Commerce:

My purpose of speaking here tonight is motivated by a desire to see this organization become a more congenial,friendly place for business' and private citizens alike, to come together and address the issues of our village and work together to create a healthy economic environment.

As a small business owner,the Chamber of Commerce is a business tool that should bring together a DIVERSE group of people working on the common goal of economic growth and sustainability of our community.

Over the last 4 yrs or so I have watched with great angst,as this organization has been hijacked by a group of you that seem to be motivated by vengeance and personal agendas with a very closed mind attitude toward the core businesses in this community,unwilling to listen to us on any issue,unwilling to consult with us on what we,As a community need to do to rebound from the mess that Waterford and the recession has created in our economic structure.Since opening Ralph's in 2007,I have been subjected to numerous personal attacks by the officers and various members of this body,The latest being a ranting public flogging by the secretary of this organization. Published by this organization in the Bylines,for the world to see.I have watched you engage in an all out war with the JD's/Scenic bay Group.From the constant scrutiny of the state and county agency's decision making process, objecting to any and all proposed projects carte blanc, to the point of illegally placing TERRY'S CAFE Food booth in front of the Bay Cafe over the 4th with the intention of hurting their sales and creating a hostile environment.Even after our President Bob Prince told her to leave and then the Health Dept. told her to leave,she was allowed to stay.

This kind of behavior is unacceptable,and I hope we can move beyond this and begin a healing process within this organization. ... Find some middle ground and work from there.I would like to see us attract more active members and become a more diverse group.But we can't do that when a majority of the people want nothing to do with all the controversy this organization creates.You present views at hearings and through various media,as being the voice of the people,when in fact it is a very small group of you putting forth your agenda.I come in contact with thousands of people a year here from residents to part time residents to visitors and tourists and all the marina dwellers,and for the most part you are not putting forth a voice of the people.

Bayview is the place people come to be laid back ,cut loose,to enjoy the natural beauty and recreational activities that abound.They don't want anything to do with your battles and petty grievances.

This town was founded by a diverse group of Spokane businessmen as a recreational resort community,where you come for a few days and eat,drink,boat,the party's on. I have worked hard over the last 16 years to insure people have a good time when they come to town..and continue to fulfill our founding fathers dream of Bayview ,and I plan on doing it for at least another 20 years,This is my career!

With that said I am announcing my intention to run for president of this organization.

Thank You


Anonymous said...

Thank you for having the courage to stand up and speak your mind. I applaud your courage and tenacity. Many businesses that belong to the Chamber when asked if they express their thoughts and fears declined for fear of retribution.

The goal for all of us should be to make money while we can and have fun doing it.

The incident with Terry Shepherd at the 4th of July celebration did not hurt the owner of Scenic Bay but instead hurt four very fine people who like many others need a job and a paycheck.

I was thinking this evening and wondering just how long this town will hang on to its anger over Vista Bay. At what point will the anger be let go of? I personally would like to see this community move forward in a positive manner.


Anonymous said...


Thank you for speaking your thoughts. I agree 100% with your statements and will support you 100% in your efforts. The group you talk of has not only affected those in Bayview but likewise have branched out those in our overall community surrounding us. In todays economy and living in 2010 some of the same ol'e ways put the currnet working force and business owners in great jeporday. We have to work as an overall team for the good of all and not those with select adgenda's. When is the meeting for the vote and information going to be presented to the businesses and citizens of Bayview so they may weigh in. I also ask that all the other concerned Citizens of Bayview besides the special intrest group attned the next Fire Commissioners Meeting on the 16th at the Bayview Chamber building 6 PM.

Anonymous said...

As a side note for those who did not attend the meeting on the 24th there were many from this committee present at the "grilling" of one of our commissioners, who is now being blamed for the decisions made by the Timberlake Fire board.

Get involved and don't let this group speak for Bayview.