Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Irony Of It All

Somehow I feel like the young lady that jumped through the looking glass and found herself in Oz. Following current events of the Bayview Chamber of Commerce and specifically the Developmental Analysis Committee is becoming bizarre.

First, for those not familiar with this committee, they are populated with well meaning, anti-growth and anti-business types as well as sincere people trying to keep developers honest and guided by community standards. It was only when the group started to become radical that I, and many others decided they needed to be cut from the Chamber of Commerce.

For an anti-business group to be a standing committee of a chamber of commerce is likened to ... Actually, I really can't think of a parallel. In my mind, freedom of speech is a right that cannot be compromised. For a group to suggest that they are speaking for the entire community, that is misrepresentation at best. This committee started out as an independent entity and should divorce itself from the chamber to become a free standing group pursuing whatever goals they want. Just don't purport to represent anyone other than your own opinions and above all, don't ever suggest that you stand as a representative of all, or even a majority of the residents of Bayview.

Many of the members of the DAC are in favor of Bayview incorporating. There are many pluses and minuses in that goal. What the DAC apparently doesn't realize is that the fear of DAC extremists ending up as the new city's government. That association will be the kiss of death in this endeavor. Many that might favor the incorporation in principle, especially after facts and figures are presented, will not sign a petition for the above mentioned reasons.

A recent flyer has been posted in Bayview further suggesting that the group has its own by-laws and that in the interests of keeping objectivity, no business owners need apply for membership,due to what is referred to as a "conflict of interest." Why being anti-business is not likewise referred to as a conflict of interest is a mind boggling contradiction. I guess when degenerating into an extreme position, these incongruous examples don't occur to folks.

For the good of this community and any future the Chamber of Commerce may have, I beseech the group to separate from the chamber, and lacking that action, that the chairman of the chamber cancel the committee as an affiliate of the Bayview Chamber of Commerce.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting - I read the DAC charter and finally discovered that the President of the Chamber of Commerce appoints the members of the DAC. Is this means the President condones the behaviour and action of this committee??? Sounds like the current President may be the source of all these crazy moves? Time to ask the President what are his true motives are?

Anonymous said...

Well said young man. The picture gets clearer by the day.

Anonymous said...

Very well written and said Herb!

Anonymous said...

Herb you have some excellent points in your missive. Seems this posting is rather quiet, cannot help wonder what's up with your readers.

Bay Views said...

My guess is that, they don't have an intelligent opinion in opposition, or they feel if they don't react I might go away. I won't, until this organization is either healed or destroyed.

Anonymous said...

They can't lie or mislead in a forum where someone may rebuttal with facts and data. They are uncomfortable in an open and honest environment - the truth may expose their true color. If they represent the majority of Bayview, I don't see anyone running to their defense ???

Anonymous said...

Herb the last thing that needs to happen is your going away! I would not support this.

I think we have some valid concerns regarding the DAC and the President of the Chamber.

"Committees may be established at the discretion of the Board or by motion by a member, discussion and then a majority vote of members present at the next membership meeting. These may be either Standing Committees, which must be
reinstated at the beginning of each fiscal year, Special Committees or ad hoc committees, which will be dissolved when work is completed to the satisfaction
of the Board. The Board shall research and establish the need and direction of all committees.
7.2. Committee chairpersons will be selected by the members of each
7.3. No committee or committee member shall commit the Chamber or its Board of Directors beyond its designated authority. As appropriate, the limits of this authority may be set by the President, the Board, or the general membership.
The most restrictive limits will be binding." (Bayview Chamber Standing Rules)

What is the goal here?

Hmm seems that the Chamber has the power to dissolve the DAC. DAC has performed its function, the disturbance of any new business in the burg of Bayview.

I challenge you to go to the Chamber web-site and read the Charter that is listed as the Chambers Charter, look at the heading.

If the DAC is indeed a "volunteer organization filled with up standing folks that exhibit integrity and high moral standard, why the need for an addendum clarify the "rules" for acceptance to the committee? If all on the DAC are doing what they are supposed to be doing, why the secrecy?

Norma Jean

Bay Views said...

These aren't the only comments I recieved. They are just the acceptable ones. Comments that don't insult the messenger, instead of the message. I'm somewhat amused that some of these individuals, and notice I don't name them, ever, continue to read this blog, when it angers them so much. Why not just ignore it, unless of course, you have maschochistic tendencies.

One person, supposedly after reading the above commentary, privately e-mailed me to name one anti-business point. If the above were read a little more carefully, more than one pops up, but then I guess people who tend toward radical thoughts might not see the forest because of the trees.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the new Bylines takes you to task.

Anonymous said...

I think we should re-name the Bylines to the "DAC Commentary".