Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Press release from Timberlake Fire District

August 25th, 2010

Contact: David “Rudy” Rudebaugh (208) 755-3611

Joint efforts ease the crunch on firefighters and taxpayers.

Timberlake Fire Protection District (TFPD), Board of Commissioners has approved to enter into a management contract with Northern Lakes Fire Protection District (NLFPD) from September 1, 2010 to October 1, 2011.

The District has been feeling the crunch that many public services across the nation have been experiencing. Like many agencies, the District was struggling to find how to make the tax dollars provided meet our needs effectively and effectually in providing our Citizens and District Members the best possible level of service possible.

The management contract will provide for 24/7 administrative management of TFPD. This collaboration is the product of extensive research by the Board of the Timberlake District into alternatives to more effectively utilize available budgeted funds. The districts would not be merging under this agreement. Both will remain independent with their own board of commissioners.

While there will be immediate savings, the benefits will be far reaching. In the future, results include opportunities to adopt common operating policies, additional training resources, and gain from the experience of a larger, well run fire district

TFPD Board President David “Rudy” Rudebaugh says, “The Timberlake Fire Board of Commissioners had to make some tough choices, however as a result, we were able to provide day to day management of the district, ensure that our service levels were maintained, make progress on maintaining our ISO Ratings, and save the tax payers about $80,000. Further the savings that we see through this management contract will be put to immediate use in equipment and facility needs that would have not occurred otherwise.”

TFPD serves the citizens of Athol, Bayview, and the surrounding areas. NLFPD serves the citizens of Hayden, Hayden Lake, Rathdrum and surrounding areas. This management contract will allow for a consistent approach of Fire and EMS emergency response in the 189 square miles of area these two fire districts cover.

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Anonymous said...

Commissioner Rudy,
You are doing a marvelous job given the circumstances you are operating under. The militant group in Bayview is out of control and from their questioning, it is obvious what their motives are.. Lie and deceive i.e. accuse you of doing stuff when you were not even a commissioner. Look at the people and the facts and decide what is right and wrong. So far, you are doing the right thing and we want you to know, there a a majority in Athol and Bayview that support what you do.We will be defending you in any recall.
Again Thanks You.

Anonymous said...

I heard today that the claim of Open Meeting Law Violations was unfounded by the Prosecuting Attorney and that there (Rudy and Marty's) effort to educate them selves was normal and expected. So where does that put the recall crowds main motive? Fraudulant claims for which a special intrest group live for or feeds on? Taxpayers who have been misinformed and misguided to believe such untruthful statements have been effeted the most by the special intrest group that wish's to speak for all the thousands taxpaying citizens in Timberlake with lies.

When is enough a enough?