Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Bayview Whitecaps Are Expanding

Last spring, a loose group of kids that were unaffiliated with a league wanted to play baseball. They got together with parents and others and formed a Babe Ruth Team. It turned out like a field of Dreams thing. The team started to win and just kept on winning. By the end of the season they had won:

3rd place in the St. Maries 18 & under wooden bat tournament,
1st place Kalispel all stars 15 and under invitational.
1st place Idaho 15 & under State Champs
3rd place Pacific Northwest Regional 15 & under championship tournament.

Not bad at all for a team thrown together from Bayview, Spirit Lake, Athol and Rathdrum. This year some of the players will be too old for that division, so since they were already beating up on older age kids teams, they decided to form a second team of 18 and under, while keeping the younger team together. Unfortunately, outfitting a team with uniforms, equipment travel and administrative costs, it's not cheap to field a team. Last year, residents from the entire north Kootenai County area stepped up magnificently. We are asking that you do so again.

Please donate generously to this effort. Please send donations to the Bayview Chamber of Commerce specified for the "Whitecaps" so the money goes to the right place.

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Show our support for our children, they need us for their success.