Sunday, December 19, 2010

Neighbor Bludgeoned In Bayview

Just 50 feet from my back door, my closest neighbor, allegedly bludgeoned my other neighbor and her guests with a hammer. At least one person was transported to Kootenai Medical Center, apparently with survivable wounds. This happened just less than an hour ago.

He then drove down to the Bay Cafe where he called the sheriff department on himself. It is suspected that he either has been hallucinating on drugs or his mind is gone. The alleged perpetrator recently tacked up a letter to the community accusing the government of invading his mind, which upon reflection, may be the only lucid thought he has had recently.All of this happened just after I left to drive to the Patio to watch the Seahawk game. It was a real good time to not be home.

Additional information from a county deputy who will go unnamed, as he wasn't authorized to release information, said that four victims were transported to the hospital. Asked whether any were in mortal danger, he replied, "we do not know at this time whether they all will survive." A child that might have been present apparently wasn't.Though unaccounted for, the small child was apparently somewhere else. (we hope)

A relative of the victims had the baby overnight and was in Ralph's Cafe earlier, Monday. She said that she had been to the hospital and while most are improving, Patricia is in real bad shape, having had brain surgeery with some removed and is not expected to survive. All three TV stations were up here today. If anyone is interested in seeing the crime scene watch the 6 o'clock news.

New information:

The Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office reports that one of the victims of the bludgeoning yesterday in Bayview, has died at Kootenai Medical Center. Patricia Heath was pronounced dead shortly before 1:00 p.m. today from massive head trauma. Larry Cragun, 31 of Bayview is in custody on a variety of charges and is being held on $1,000,000 bond. One charge will be amended to the charge of murder based upon the death of Mrs. Heath. The investigation is on-going by detectives from the Sheriff’s Office/Major Ben Wolfinger, KCSD report.

New information suggests that L. Yvonne Wallis has serious brain injury, but is expected to survive. To what extent she will be able to function is at this time, unknown. I have been told she has had a metal plate implanted in her head, where a hammer blow ruptured her scull. These kinds of injuries sometimes take months to reveal the extent of the permanent damage, if any.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Herb -
Vic Woolever and I will be placing boxes/cans around town and Athol to collect donations to help the family through this horrible time.

Paul Celeri