Friday, December 17, 2010

Chamber of Commerce Ship Goes down

This has been an interesting week for the Bayview Chamber of Commerce. (Ain't) Elections were held for officers and board members. In the long history of the chamber, these elections were staggered so that only two out of the six board members were up for election each year. This was for the purpose of keeping continuity. That and other bylaws were changed at an ill attended meeting two years ago.

Many in the community felt like the DAC, or Developmental Analysis Committee had grown into something not originally intended. Somewhat radicalized, more power had been concentrated in the committee which then showed a solid front, thereby obtaining total control of the body. Or as an E-Mail circulated by "George," was titled, "DAC Rules." That pretty much defines what went down. Able to split off and become an independent pressure or influence group, they chose to take over and dominate the chamber, rather than go it alone.

Such an action, though I'm sure gave a "team" victory sense to the proponents of the DAC, instead has finished off the chamber as the voice of the community. Shunning others that did not agree with their party line,refusing to let diverse opinions prevail, the so called chamber has been reduced to as they say, "preaching to the choir." While perhaps the other extreme of making the chamber an all business venture was fine for the business owners, it too was perhaps a bit tipped to the other extreme. What could have saved the chamber, sans the power play, was to redefine the group with a more inclusive attitude toward businesses in town.

This leaves business out in the cold from an organization that has the word "commerce" in it, which now is a gross misrepresentation. Perhaps it is time for the marinas and other businesses to form a new group dedicated to furthering growth within the community, rather than the dead on arrival look on the streets these days. Certainly, there is the temptation for some of the business owners to retaliate in kind, since they are the victims of anti-business themes.

I, myself, saw this coming for a while now and divorced myself from the group. I firmly believe I did the right thing as have most others that became fed up with the few that want to control the many. We enter the next year with the chamber losing the one thing they couldn't afford to lose. Their identity as the voice of the entire community.


Anonymous said...

Love the post Herb. Expressed well and right on point.

This would be me!

Anonymous said...

Everytime you say you are not going to post Anonymous, you then go ahead and do.
Make up your mind and stick to it.

Bay Views said...

Well Anonymous, you just don't listen well. What I actually said was I will not post anonymous personal attacks. If you play nice I will post it.

Anonymous said...

Sooooo who was elected ?? Or was anyone elected ?

Anonymous said...

President Linda Williams
Vice Paul (from the Merch)
Secretary Leah Simpson
Treasurer Ken Saunders
Member at Large
Tom Lloyd

"Two DAC members (Ken as treasurer & Tom as member at large) and one strong supporter (Linda as president) were elected to the board." (Grandy, 12/15/2010)


Anonymous said...

Well put Herb!!!

Perhaps Bayview, Athol should consider a Chamber designed and operated with Commerce as the purpose to bring the business commutity together. Iron does sharpen Iron.

Anonymous said...

That might not be a bad idea, sort of like the BAB's Women's group. What would we call it? BACC? or maybe simply BAC?


Anonymous said...

Herb - you have done quite a hachet job on the DAC and the Bayview CoC in general although most of it is untrue and personal dislike for the CoC. Most of your rhetoric is generalities with no substitutive detail or case examples. You should come to the CoC meeting and voice your opinion in front of the group. But i guess it is easier just making things up from behind a computer screen than facing people.

Bay Views said...

I chuckled when this one appeared. First, it refers to a post that is over a month old and over with.Secondly, I broke my own rule that I don't post personal attacks, as this comment tends to do.

The real laugh is that this anonymous person accuses me of hiding behind my blog, rather than facing people. I Quote:

"But I guess it is easier just making things up from behind a computer screen than facing people."

That this contradiction wasn't apparent to the author, shows the depth of my discust for the recent actions of this neighborhood body of opinion and destruction.

The best you can hope from me, is that my boredom toward the reckless crap thrown to and fro by some of the more rabid of this group leads me to ignore you as I have for the past month.

To me, this organization is toothless, lacking in objectivity and I, given a chance will probably not feature anything coming out of the Chamber as newsworthy.

For myself, I am looking up, not down, looking forward not backward. Your anonymous comment speaks to a post at least one month old. Please stick to current events. It strikes me that you are not required to seek out information from my blog, since clicking on my site is voluntary.