Sunday, December 26, 2010

Horror Week Is Over

The week that has the entire town of Bayview depressed, is over. Hopefully we can rebuild from the tragic events of last Sunday. Fund raising is in full gear. The giving is not over just because Christmas is. There are collection cans located all over Bayview and Athol. We ask that you give generously.

If you haven't already figured out that banks can be as bureaucratic as government, listen to this. The guys that are trying to set up a donation account at a local bank met with some really off the wall stuff. The most flagrant was the question: "You'll have to produce a newspaper article or some other proof that this act actually happened." As Charley Brown would say, good grief. What more proof do you want?" I will attempt to help out in this endeavor.

In addition to the donation cans, a pot-luck memorial will be held New Years Day at JD's, to honor the memory of Patty Heath. All are invited.

There are other plans as well. Judy Gullidge and Robin, of "Log Spirit B&B," are holding a fundraiser at Log Spirit Sunday, January 23 in two sessions. First is from 12 noon to 3 pm. The second is from 4pm to 7. There will be beverages, appetizers, live music and drawings. There will be a $15 donation. Reservations can be had by calling Judy at: 208-683-0941.

In addition, Vic Woolever and Paul Celeri and setting up a bank account for mail in donations. As of Today, that has not been accomplished. We will post other information as it becomes available.

A severe winter weather alert has been posted for our area. Up to 11 inches of snow from now through Thursday, with the worst coming Wednesday. This will be followed by very cold weather.


Anonymous said...


If you need help with the bank account, I will be more than happy to help when we return to the Bayview area. I am praying we will be able to a)land in Spokane and b)drive to Bayview!

Will talk to you when we get back.

Norma Jean

Dean said...

Hi Herb, wanted to thank you for helping the Bayview Whitecaps by getting our story out. It was one heck of a season that Tristan and his teamates will remember for ever. Two of the boys are in a book sitting in the Babe Ruth Hall Of Fame! We now have boy's working hard in timberlake's High School open gym. Just wanted to say thank you from the Bayview Whitecaps, and as a quote used by us (pedal to the metal) keep up the good work Dean Bayview Babe Ruth League Prez.