Wednesday, December 29, 2010

An Off Season Struggle

Today marks the end of an era and the start of a new one in Bayview. Right about now, in the lobby of the Kootenai County Administration building, an auction is taking place. It is the foreclosure auction of the Captain's Wheel Restaurant, an icon for many years, and a favorite hangout for many winter dwellers over the years. I will post what I find out, when I find out, as to the future of the business.

This last several days were filled with violent gut wrenching tragedy, as a neighbor went "postal" and attacked yet another neighbor. Armed with a hammer, Larry Cragun, sometimes known as "Crazy Larry," got even crazier as he apparently lost touch with reality. Believing he was being stalked and burglarized by his peaceful neighbors above, he according to those that had much contact with him,his behavior abruptly changed about 2 months ago. He became moody and sullen, keeping to himself.

Cragun was recently divorced from his wife, Katie and there were custody issues that I'm still not sure of, but the child fortunately was with her mother when this tragedy struck.One woman, Patricia Heath, was killed in the hammer swinging melee that occurred on an otherwise peaceful Sunday afternoon. Many will mourn the death of Patty and the serious injury to her Mother-in-law, Yvonne.

It is said that the new year brings new beginnings. We can only hope that healing will occur and Bayview will somehow grow on to be a better place.

Update: The Captain's Wheel sale did not take place today. A party or individual has bought out the SBA loan and is in negotiations with the principles to finalize the ownership picture. I am not at liberty to divulge who that might be.

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