Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I'm A Racist???

Today, for the first time in my life, two people called me a racist. Why? Because I called the show off wide receivers in the NFL on their show-off antics. This happened on Huckleberries on line, where on occasion, ultra-liberal fanatics that have been brain washed have totally suppressed honest debate. This happened after hearing the knee jerk response from this comment I made:
"You can take the receiver out of the Ghetto, but apparently you can't take the Ghetto out of the receiver." Now we all know that certain ethnic groups exhibit some commonly shown traits, even white anglo-saxon types. In the NFL there are Blacks, whites,orientals and Polynesians. My comment went right to the core of the issue. It was an ethnic showoff trait that is shown on TV every week-end. Did I identify an individual race? No. This is a cultural issue that certainly does have racial overtones, but what bothers me the most is that we cannot any longer debate these issues on their own merits.

Political correctness, which has permeated our country is not law. It has never been formalized except for cases of assault, if the assault is on a minority, but then that is another discussion. To not be able to identify and discuss anti-social behavior because it might point to a racial or ethnic group is misinformation at it's worst.

This isn't about whether or not I am correct in my conclusions, it's about the right and quite possibly our duty to talk about them. It is clear to me that this country has somehow been bullied into becoming tight lipped when discussing minorities, whether those minorities are wrong or not.

We are faced with illegal entry issues on both our southern and northern borders. The main stream media calls it "undocumented immigrants." They aren't undocumented immigrants, they are criminal trespassers. Up north, it would seem the enforcement is more against anyone convicted of an alcohol or drug offense, than to actually catch smugglers, both human, drug and Islamic terrorists.

I decided, after realizing how this society of ours had changed so radically when I wasn't looking, to not take it anymore. No, I'm not a white supremacist, nor a Nazi. Just a person that has been on this earth much longer than the perpetrators of this new dogma of silence. Certainly, there will be those that will say, Look, he proved he is an asshole. Well, I'd rather die an asshole that become what our brainwashed youth has become. No longer able to debate social issues on their facts and issues, but required to tip-toe around them for fear they may offend the offenders.

I don't talk about my family much, but to make a point I'm going to now. I have four children, all adults. One of my daughters married a black man and produced seven children of which I have several half-black grandchildren. One, a soldier in Afghanistan repeatedly referred to his sister and her baby as "Niggas." I warned him once, and after he repeated the racial slur, I unfriended him, my own grandson, from face book. You see, I don't put up with real racism either.

To the two biggots that called me a racist, Kamm and Mr Bloggy, I suggest that you pull that trigger a little less often and be sure of your target. You see, on the internet, while it is true your identity is secret, (mine isn't) you really don't know outside of one or two remarks what really goes on in a person's head. Taking one statement out of context without a pattern is worse that calling a racist name itself.

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Anonymous said...

Oh boy "political correctness", don't get me started! Considering that this country has made great strides in changing thoughts and processes (sotry, that got ingrained in my brain!)but somewhere we lost the fact that there are certain aspects of life that can be discussed without being labled as racist. Get over it and move on.

You are not an asshole Herb, just painfully truthful and as a member of the society of NO, I relish your honesty.

You are right we seem as society, to have forgotten the ability to debate and not always chose sides or even have to have a side. The art of discussion has fallen by the wayside while we worry if our comments will be taken the wrong way. Or as my friend Jon says agree to disagree!

Thanks Herb, I figure in a few more years I will be able to be as outspoken as you!

Norma Jean