Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wells Fargo Steps Up

Wells Fargo Bank, 204 W. Hayden Ave, Hayden,ID, 83835 has an account set up to help with expenses relating to the vicious attack upon Yvonne Wallis and Michael Heath. You may mail donations in care of those names to the above address. If there are any questions, you may contact the bank: Amanda Davis, @ 772-4022.

We all realize that just after Christmas is a tough time to donate, but it is even tougher for Yvonne and Michael. Please dig down deep and help these innocent victims. Norma Jean Knowles, finding on her return from the holidays that the guys were having a tough time finding a bank, managed to cut through the red tape in record time.

If there are any people that are still unaware of the attack, they can scroll down to previous posts for that information.

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Anonymous said...

Provided some extra cash to Yvonne. She is having to take trips into CDA almost daily. She was extremely appreciative of the helping hand. Vic and Paul still have collection cans around Bayview and Athol, so whatever cash one has to spare will be graciously received. Yvonne still needs additional medical care.