Monday, January 03, 2011

Network Shame

At some point it was probably inevitable. Instead of allowing the ultimate of college football to take the stage, ESPN showed their whoredom. Continuously during the telecast of the Orange Bowl, references were made to Sophomore Luck and Coach Harbaugh going to the NFL. With the coach, and or second year quarterback Luck, it was way past inappropriate to constantly hack on them as to whether they would abandon the programs they were there to represent.

It was way past lack of class. It was a classic case of the sports broadcasting industry being overcome by the news department. In my day, news reporters were there to report on news, not make it. Sports reporters were there to report the game and other relative news. Both of them failed miserably.

In an era that coaches and professional teams are not allowed to even hint at improper contact with athletes, the cable company, ESPN, snubbed their collective noses at the proper way to separate college sports from professional. Even on the awards platform, surrounded by bowl and college officials, they had the nerve to outright ask whether Stanford Quarterback, Andrew Luck would desert their program. Whore is in this case an accurate description of these Ass Holes.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing. How tacky.

Marz said...

I love reading your post.. Keep it up..thanks.Happy New Year. May 2011 bring you peace & happiness.

Ric said...

Looks as if ESPN got it wrong....Luck is staying at Stanford.

Lil ol' me... said...

I was gonna read your ESPN article, herb, but I got distracted by that gorgeous Lake Pend Oreille photo. It's nothing short of majestic.

Bay Views said...

I would love to know who "lil ol me is"

Bay Views said...

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