Thursday, January 13, 2011

It seems as though crazies are popping out of the woodword recently, what with the massacre in Arizona, and of course our very own tragedy here in Bayview. People have been generous with the collection cans around Bayview & Athol.

Wells Fargo Bank, 204 W. Hayden Ave, Hayden,ID, 83835 has an account set up to help with expenses relating to the vicious attack upon Yvonne Wallis and Michael Heath. You may mail donations in care of those names to the above address. If there are any questions, you may contact the bank: Amanda Davis, @ 772-4022. This family of innocent victis are in dire need of neighborhood support financailly.

Rudy Rudebaugh of Victory Auto Parts in Athol has agreed to donate his profit on the parts necessary to repair the brakes on Yvonne Wallis's car. The parts estimate is between $100 and $150. Eldon, as is Rudy, the always ready guys when it comes to helping others, at Mr. Tire will donate the labor. What we need is money to buy the brake parts. Please call me, Herb at 683-9107 if you can spare a few bucks to fix the brakes. Yvonne has to take daily trips to Coeur d'Alene and the gas costs are eating up any reserves they had, if any. We understand the brakes are in a failure mode and need fixing right now. Any monies over the absolute amount necessary will be donated as cash to the family. Please make my phone ring off the hook. If you wish to contribute and are out of the area, e-mail a pledge to me and I'll cover it until it gets here. PO Box 884, Bayview, 83803. This fund raising that I am doing is a single purpose thing and not in competition with any of the other fund raising efforts which are general purpose.

There are other plans as well. Judy Gullidge and Robin, of "Log Spirit B&B," are holding a fundraiser at Log Spirit Sunday, January 23 in two sessions. First is from 12 noon to 3 pm. The second is from 4pm to 7. There will be beverages, appetizers, live music and drawings. There will be a $15 donation. Reservations can be had by calling Judy at: 208-683-0941. So that they don't run out of food, they ask that you call for reservations. Log Spirit is a beautiful Log palace toward the end of Howard Road, off of Hwy 54, just east of hwy 95.

Additional news:

The brakes are fixed on the car. A caring citizen donated a sofa. Donations are still coming in and will be spent wisely. We obtained a $300 voucher from St. Vinnies in Coeur d' Alene which may take care of other needs. Gas money is still needed, and we will probably use future donations for that. It is unfortunate that a disaster of these proportions has to happen to bring the best out of people, but it sure has. I have a feeling that the donors are just as pleased as the recipients.

I received two very nice donations in the mail today. Our friends and neighbors are being very generous. Please keep them coming. I will kind of direct traffic regarding their use so that we can be sure the money does the most good for the least bucks. Don't forget you can send checks to the account set up at Wells Fargo, and also if you plan to attend the benefit at "Log Spirit, be sure to call for reservations so the sponsors, Robin and Judy will have enough supplies on hand. 208-683-0941.

A sofa has been donated as well. The old one was a bloody reminder of what took place that fateful day. St. Vinnies will help with other things as needed.


Anonymous said...


Can you email me your address? I will send you a donation for the brakes.

Norma Jean

Ric said...

Hey Herb,
Are they no longer posting the monthly Bayview Bylines on the Chamber of Commerce web site ???


Bay Views said...

Try Cindy Post at: She can tell you what's going on or add you to the on-line mailing list.